Ask an Expert: “How do I know if I’m ‘good’ in bed?”

Lauren French is a Melbourne based Sexologist and educator, working at the Australian Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine. She graced our screens for Sexpression’s online event ‘Safe Sex’ last year and is an insightful (and delightful) sexual health expert. Thanks so much to Lauren for her response to this submitted question. I think we’veContinue reading “Ask an Expert: “How do I know if I’m ‘good’ in bed?””

Visual & Other Pleasures | erotic fiction

Image source: Unknown By Anonymous. Ah, student-teacher passion: a tale as old as time. This steamy story is made all the more saucy by its familiar setting… Melbourne Uni is SHAKING. Thank you to the anonymous author who sent us this submission. Afternoon delight alright! When I left the house this morning the sun wasContinue reading “Visual & Other Pleasures | erotic fiction”

“Oh the sex that sex can be” Poem by Agnese Perri

Agnese Perri submitted this deliciously sensual poem celebrating sex and sexuality. Find her personal blog at @oursimplecottage on Instagram. I want melted chocolate strawberry sex;warm and sweet,cold and fresh, dripping down my red pink flesh.  I want red nail polish fingering sex;deep inside me wet and filthy my pleasure-filled purring pussy.  I want soft wild daisyContinue reading ““Oh the sex that sex can be” Poem by Agnese Perri”