Energy Exchange: artwork by Mim Meirelles

Mim Meirelles is a Melbourne based artist who uses line and semi-human forms to explore the connection and relationality between us all: holding each other, interacting, encountering and intertwining. Mim is a friend of Sexpressions and also the creative force behind our logo. Thanks to Mim for her gorgeous submission! Check out more of herContinue reading “Energy Exchange: artwork by Mim Meirelles”

Celebrating love in the small spaces

Artwork by Issy Knightley “We spilt tea on Bridget’s (their housemate) doona and doona cover and so we spent four hours in the morning stomping on it with no clothes on and I felt like nobody expects you to love someone when you’re in a bathtub stomping tea out of a doona but it’s like…Continue reading “Celebrating love in the small spaces”

“Vegemite, fairy bread, Savoys and butter:” visioning the queer-feminist utopia

Words by Beth Raywood-Cross Beth is a theatre director and writer and her work focuses on the intersection between female and queer experiences. Her production Pink Matter was the research outcome of her thesis into queer feminsims and utopianism in the theatre. It was presented at Dancehouse Carlton North as part of their 2019 Melbourne Fringe program.Continue reading ““Vegemite, fairy bread, Savoys and butter:” visioning the queer-feminist utopia”