Energy Exchange: artwork by Mim Meirelles

Mim Meirelles is a Melbourne based artist who uses line and semi-human forms to explore the connection and relationality between us all: holding each other, interacting, encountering and intertwining. Mim is a friend of Sexpressions and also the creative force behind our logo. Thanks to Mim for her gorgeous submission! Check out more of her work @wineliner on IG.

I am fascinated by the linear and the non-linear: the lines and webs we weave within ourselves, others and the universe. We exist in such a swirling and spiralic world, and I love using the simple medium of line to explore these complex things that sometimes evade language- things that are both deeply human and not.

Through these ethereal semi-human forms, I look at the energy that is exchanged in relationships. I’m interested in connections, and many of my works explore the interconnectedness of humans. We are all intertwined, ebbing and flowing in codependency, community, smothering, nurturing, entwining, rejecting and loving. 

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