“Oh the sex that sex can be” Poem by Agnese Perri

Agnese Perri submitted this deliciously sensual poem celebrating sex and sexuality. Find her personal blog at @oursimplecottage on Instagram.

I want melted chocolate strawberry sex;
warm and sweet,
cold and fresh, 
dripping down my red pink flesh. 

I want red nail polish fingering sex;
deep inside me
wet and filthy
my pleasure-filled purring pussy. 

I want soft wild daisy fields sex, 
summer sunlight
on my glowing skin…

I want it all.

I want to eat
human being,
bite every cock and
lick every clitoris.

I want to hear different moans through
screams and ‘fucks’ in

I want rain sex 
and storm sex
and sun sex
and moon sex
and mars sex.

I want you sex, 
and her sex
and they sex
and he sex 
and us sex…

I want it all.
I want gentle kisses and grattini sex,
tracing the curve in each other’s backs
warm breath on the nape of my neck –


I want it all. 

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