Fragility: After Nightfall

What motivated you to create this series? Was it a creative spark that you acted upon or was it a need to express/convey something? 

I took these photos after the murder of Courtney Herron in Parkville. After many discussions with my friends about how we couldn’t fathom how many murders were happening in Melbourne, specifically in the suburbs we lived in. 

What is the work exploring? 

These photos aim to capture the fragility womxn feel walking home at night, the streets we wander so regularly, only after nightfall becoming the landscape for catch-ups finished with “text me when you get home safe”. 

How does Fragility relate to sex, relationships or power? 

Power is an inherent theme in these photos, as the safety or lack-there-of we feel in our own suburbs is sustained or reduced through many intersections as womxn, my own identity being that of a white cisgender woman increasing my ability to take the later tram, to wait for the train. 

Why have you chosen to explore these themes in your work?

These themes are central to my work because they were glaringly central to my (pre-covid) life at the time, as leaving any train station meant putting keys between my knuckles and taking my earphones out. 

Amelia Hayle is a photographer and a writer working in Naarm/Melbourne. 

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